10 simple rules for dealing with Justlo


1) Never forget that there's a person sitting on the other side of the screen.
So pay attention to your choice of words and don't write anything you would not like to read yourself.


2) Show respect!
The opinions, preferences, attitudes and views of other users must be respected. This diversity is what characterises our society and also Justlo. So be a part of Justlo. :) 
Respect also means that it is accepted if another user doesn’t want to communicate with you.


3) Consider what you write to others.
Justlo stands for a great time. So think about what you write and send. When the message is gone, it's gone. Therefore insults and other injuries are not tolerated.


4) Everyone has his own pace.
Everyone has his or her own pace in communication, so you should always remember that you may see yourself at a different point than the other user. That's why you can't push at your own pace. If you feel harassed, please let us know that Justlo's support team is there for you!


5) Copyright applies here too.
Images of other people, personalities or other images found on the Internet should not be uploaded to Justlo. The best way to decorate your Justlo profile is to decorate it yourself, because that's what the users like best.


6) Honesty is the key. 
The best thing you can do is to introduce yourself, with your own photos and preferably with current photos. Stay close to your age, so tell your real date of birth. The Justlo team will also check the profiles and that would be a reason to exclude you from Justlo or restrict your use.


7) YOU are part of Justlo-also be serious like us. 
We don’t accept content with pornographic context, violent representations and anti-constitutional symbols in your profile view. We also ask all users to let us know of any unusual pictures and are grateful for any advice in this regard.


8) Advertisement-not with us
Links to websites with offers to buy or links to other profiles and other commercial offers will not be sent to the users. If such offers reach you, then immediately contact us these users. 
We also prohibit profiles with financial interests. If you find that you should be rewarded for payments to foreign bank accounts, invitations to the European Union or similar, please let us know immediately.


9) Law is law. 
Justlo is represented in several countries, so please pay attention to the legislation in your country. Violations may be reported and prosecuted by the Justlo team.


10) Just follow the few rules and have fun. 
Violations of these policies may result in Justlo temporarily and completely removing some features or your profile from the website. If the exclusion is due to violations of the rules, then the right to a refund of already paid coin packages expires. 
The rules are based on user reports and simple rules for dealing with each other. You are part of Justlo and you are also responsible for the quality of Justlo, for which we thank you.